OpenWrt 23.05.0 - First stable release

Belkin RT3200 running 22.03.5, performed auc -y -b 23.05 -B 23.05.0 After reboot there were no radios, as expected, so followed @golialive's instructions here Belkin RT3200/Linksys E8450 WiFi AX discussion - #3805 by golialive and all is well.

tl;dr for fix, which must be done from a wired connection:

$ opkg update
$ opkg install kmod-mt7915-firmware
$ vi /etc/config/wireless
   replace wifi-device radio0's 'option path ...' with
   option phy 'wl0'

   replace wifi-device radio1's 'option path ...' with
   option phy 'wl1'

$ reboot

After reboot, 2g comes up right away, but DFS takes 2-3 minutes to do its scan (nothing new here, just a reminder), then the 5g radio comes up.

Lots of room on this device, adblock installed with about 68k entries:

$ free
       total        used        free      shared  buff/cache   available
Mem:  502512       70984      370684        1784       60844      376144
Swap:      0           0           0

$ df -h
Filesystem                Size      Used Available Use% Mounted on
/dev/root                12.5M     12.5M         0 100% /rom
tmpfs                   245.4M      1.7M    243.6M   1% /tmp
/dev/ubi0_5              74.7M    784.0K     70.1M   1% /overlay
overlayfs:/overlay       74.7M    784.0K     70.1M   1% /
tmpfs                   512.0K         0    512.0K   0% /dev
/dev/sda2                 3.6T     28.0K      3.4T   0% /mnt/sda2