OpenWrt 22.03.2 - WLAN clients report "please log in to this network"

so i managed to install OpenWrt 22.03.2 on the Xiaomi AX3200 router via Uart flash,
but after running like one day smoothly now i suddenly experience a really weird behaviour:

  1. Android phone upon connection to the WLAN redirects me to "please login" ( like you see it in public wlans )
    -> the Phone does not connect at all to the network

  2. Windows 10 Desktop client with Wifi 6 AX200 Wlan lets me connect but shows "No Internet" access, while actually i can visit websites without any issue.

Also nslookup, ping etc works from the Windows machine.

I already restarted the router, no change; while i am usually quite firm to IT-topics and like to experiment ( yes, why would i do the uart-flashing in the first place :smiley: ) , but here i have no clue what is wrong here - i did not change any settings at all today, while 3 hours ago this issue appeared like out of nowhere.

I appreciate any tip where i could search next; as this problem covers three different clients i tested ( both tested in 5Ghz and 2.4GHz networks ), Windows 10 client, OSX-client and Android phone - so its very likely a problem of the router.
Ah yes, some more clients like 4 Arduino-boards and a raspberri pi currently are in the 2.4Ghz WLAN and are able to communicate - primarily on my Phone and the OSX device however i am completely cut off the network.

Ah yes : my DNS resolver is a locally running PiHole on the mentioned Raspberry pi - but this is working as well, when observing the dashboard of the PiHole all requests from my Windows machine are answered ( what is to expect, as i can write this post from within my WLAN ).

Thank you in advance!

P.S. no idea if this helps, here a screenshots of the traffic rules tab, if there is something wrong or missing

so at least DNS config has been customized in your home LAN. You definitely need to temporarily disable this for a test.

that looks like default rules to me - did you modify anything?

Its a bit vague, what else you might have customized at this point.
I would try to test config changes one by one, starting from a vanilla (no config modifications) OpenWRT (without pihole):
I would reset the config and start over with the fewest possible config modifications to begin, e.g. only turn on WiFi with minimum parameters at the start (country, channel, channel width, WPA2 only, SSID and wifi password), avoid any other option customizations at the beginning.

If this already shows problems, post here.
If no problems show, gradually add more customizations waiting a day inbetween (since you noted that the errors occured after a day) until to the point, where the error occurs.

Thank you for the quick reply.

I made a factory reset, starting from scratch to shorten this up.

And after re-adding step by step, i 99% found what i messed up:


in my network i have 4 arduino boards collecting temperatures etc. and sending them to my raspberry pi, going over the WAN address .... ( yes, a thing i can not easily change on these devices as they run outside of the house in waterproof cases ).

Ok - i think this was is, not the PiHole ( shutting that down and remove from config did not help at all, and the pihole worked with my Old router flawlessly anyway ).
Going to limit this forwarding rule to the Arduino clients via MAC address and this should fix it.

So, what do you think - i wonder what the port 80 does play a role in the connectivity of WLAN-clients, but somehow it seems to ....

By the way, i noticed another "special behaviour" in 5Ghz . Seems not work until you explicitely select a country code.

Ok, nvm, it works now :slight_smile:

This rule does nothing because it is operating both source and destination in the same zone (lan). This traffic will never hit the firewall, so the rule will never be used. You can safely delete it since it has no functional purpose.

This is common.