OpenWrt 21.02 with Wireguard - low DL speed

After upgrading from openwrt 19.07 to 21.02 I noticed a Wireguard-download-speed reduce from 50 (100%) to 30 (60%) mbit/s. after enabling Software flow offloading I got 40 (80%) bits/s. The upload speed instead is unchanged and under both openwrt versions the same. I'm wondering because with openwrt 19.07 I never had this kind of problem. anybody else here with this kind of Wireguard problem and can help to fix it to get 100% speed back? thx!

Was that really 100% of your router?

I also noticed a slight drop when upgrading.

i had 50 mbit/s download-speed with openwrt 19.07 and Wireguard installed. with openwrt 21.02 without Wireguard installed I still have 50 mbit/s, if I use Wireguard with the same preferences like under 19.07 the speed first drop down to 30 mbit/s and after enabling Software flow offloading in openwrt I got 40 mbits/s download-speed. I don't have any idea why it is like this. so, I am not an openwrt-expert, but maybe someone here who knows openwrt and Wireguard better than me can help? 50 mbit/s is my max. dsl-connection, router (Archer C7 v2) could be faster. Could it be maybe a problem between the new linux-kernel with Wireguard integration and the router hardware?

Site A, ISP speed (Fiber), Raspi4B, Raspbian with WG installation, unchanged
DL: 300Mbit/s
UL: 300 Mbit/s

Site B, ISP speed (Cable), Proxmox with OpenWRT
DL: 100 Mbit/s
UL: 20 Mbit/s

I use wireguard site 2 site since years.

19.07 wireguard speed over tunnel (iperf) -> OK, normal behaviour
Site A
DL: 18 Mbit/s
UL: 90 Mbit/s
Site B
DL: 90 Mbit/s
UL: 18 Mbit/s

21.02 Wireguard speed over tunnel (iperf) -> NOK, seems to be that UL speed is limiting DL speed?
Site A
DL: 18 Mbit/s
UL: 18 Mbit/s
Site B
DL: 18 Mbit/s
UL: 18 Mbit/s

OperWRT used with default settings, no QoS, WG and LAN interface in LAN Firewall Zone.
I was not able to find the cause. I will revert to 19.07 and report back.

Update1: Same issue with ER-X (OpenWRT 21.02), seems to be HW independent...

Hostname ProWRT
Model Ubiquiti EdgeRouter X
Architecture MediaTek MT7621 ver:1 eco:3
Firmware Version OpenWrt 21.02.1 r16325-88151b8303 / LuCI openwrt-21.02 branch git-21.301.66596-f28aaa3
Kernel Version 5.4.154
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@rzwo and @bass443

Try enabling packet steering:


This restored my speed.

You can find this setting under: Network > Interfaces > Global network options.


THX, speed is back again! :+1:

hey, thanx for your hint.
speed now is better than without enabling packet steering, but not like with openwrt 19.07. I think it has something to do with the WireGuard-integration, because if I use a fresh installed openwrt 21.02 on my router (Archer C7 v2) without wireguard I still get full DL-speed.
I guess I may be not the only one with these kind of problem, so maybe there will be a fix in a future openwrt-update.

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