OpenWrt 21.02 & WIFI AX

i build:

git clone v21.02.0-rc4
git checkout v21.02.0-rc4

And i have no WIFI AX only BGNAC

i build:
git clone v21.02.0-rc4-new
no git checkout -> snapshot


... Why ?

someone made a commit that enabled WIFI AX on that device, AFTER the 21.02 release was set.

Snapshot is "latest code written".

21.02 is "code from february snapshot with some small changes".

If you tell what device you have, I can try looking for the commit that made this change

not a commit i have just add CUDY-X6 with dts & add in

You just added hardware configuration file and instructions to build firmware image.

You are using same kernel and same wifi driver of all other mt7621 devices in OpenWrt.

Someone made a commit in wifi driver shared by all devices of mt7621 target.
This commit is in snapshot and not in 21.02

Maybe done in upstream linux kernel.