OpenWrt 21.02 issues with Linksys WRT32X

I have 2 x WRT32x and to date I have been unable to run OpenWRT 21, initially there were several issues configuring the switch interfaces/devices. I managed to work around most of the issues, however 2 problems persist that prevent me from upgrading from 19.07:

  1. when multiple WAN ports are configured (using any type of device), ping packets to the internet from the second WAN are lost initially (as if there was a lag in the device handling initial packets)
  2. wifi works, but with lots of issues connecting some IoT devices and printers to wlan1 Marvell 88W8964 802.11bgn, issues when creating a second AP on the same device (for example a guest network), and the wlan2 Marwell 88W8887 802.11bgnac does not work at all (AP cannot start).

I was wondering if these issues are being looked at or if the development team has totally given up supporting Linksys WRT32x for the future.

Any wireless issue that's due to the mwlwifi driver state is a dead end unfortunately. NXP acquired the Marvell wireless IP and ever since Marvell announced it was selling that off, there has been no activity whatsoever on that front.

If I remember correctly, there have been post stating 19.07 works a lot better than 21.02, so staying at 19.07 is probably a good idea, at least for now.