OpenWrt 21.02 for Linksys WRT3200ACM & WRT32X with the Wireless Cut-out Issue Fixed

Update: The issue is finally fixed upstream and on OpenWrt master & 21.02 branches!

The upcoming OpenWrt 21.02.2 release will include the fix by @nbd.

Custom OpenWrt 21.02.1 Image with the Wireless Cut-out Issue Fixed

This OpenWrt 21.02.1 build uses the official commit to fix the wireless cut-out issue.

I plan to update the build for the future OpenWrt releases until this is fixed on upstream. Fixed on upstream.

Huge thanks to @adworacz & @WildByDesign for spending weeks testing and pinpointing the issue to the 5.8 backports on this post. Any sort of mwlwifi wireless troubleshooting should be posted there.


We are aware of the prebuilt kmod packages from OpenWrt 21.02.1 feed causing kernel panics. We're working on making a custom feed to have the kmod packages work with this version of the kernel. No promises at this point.

For now, anyone who can compile their own builds should clone my branch and enable whatever programs they want on the menuconfig.


@arinc9 I have been running this build for several hours now on my WRT3200ACM and everything is working flawlessly. Very nice.

The only critique that I have is that your distfeeds.conf file did not have the relevant entries to install irqbalance and luci-app-advanced-reboot.

Your distfeeds.conf file:

src/gz openwrt_core
src/gz openwrt_base

I just remedied the issue by copying the following lines from the distfeeds.conf file from the official 21.02.1 release as follows:

src/gz openwrt_core
src/gz openwrt_base
src/gz openwrt_luci
src/gz openwrt_packages
src/gz openwrt_routing
src/gz openwrt_telephony

This was only a minor inconvenience. I think that it would be good if you could add all of the relevant lines once 21.02.2 release comes along and you compile for that build.

Thanks for the heads up! For some reason, these feeds were not enabled on my config by default. I compiled new images with all the feeds enabled and replaced them with hashes on the GitHub release.

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You’re welcome. Also, I am happy to confirm that the wireless cutouts are 100% gone now on my WRT3200ACM.


@arinc9 am I doing something wrong? How shall I install additional kernel module? I need kmod-tun in particular, as it's required by openvpn-openssl.
Once installed with opkg update && opkg install --force-depends openvpn-openssl, and configured with openvpn profile, router goes into an endless reboot loop.

Similar issue with sqm deps for me.. rebooted to my other partition so unsure of boot loops. Looks like we might need to install the relevant packages to match versions for any incompatibility issues, unless someone knows of another way.

Hello there, I am totally new to OpenWRT. I read a lot of instructions and watched some vidoes and finally startet to flash this firmware on my WRT3200ACM. I want to install the luci-app-sqm package.But when I do so it says, I have the wrong kernel (5.4.154-1-4207cb30... instead of 5.4.154-1-345456c5). Is this the same problem you two above me have and is there a solution? Thanks in advance.

It is. The current solution is on the disclaimer. We can do other solutions like custom feeds or compile in a way where the kernel hash matches with the official feeds. I'm investigating the latter.

hello, as @arinc9 mentioned, you can either build with the packages you want or follow this solution (which I did): Users needed to test Wi-Fi stability on Linksys WRT3200ACM & WRT32X on OpenWrt 21.02 - #530 by cotequeiroz

You can install a stock 21.02.1 image from the main site, ssh in, force uninstall the (4) modules shown in the drive link [opkg remove --force-depends kmod-mwlwifi and the same for the other (3) modules], and upload/install the modified packages from @cotequeiroz's Drive in LuCI [System -> Software -> Upload Package].. fixes the connection drops and I was able to install sqm without issue.

I would also recommend restricting ssh access to the LAN, since that is not the default setting, for security purposes unless you use it from elsewhere and are familiar with a secure ssh setup.

Thanks for the quick replys. Since I am just starting to understand how OpenWrt works and I dont trust my skills with ssh so far, I think I will try something different.
But I found this PureFusion - wrt3200acm, wrt32x, wrt1200ac, wrt1900acs, wrt1900acV1, wrt1900acV2 Builds. It seems to work and has sqm already built in, if I am right.