Openwrt-21.02 drivers for ICS Advent DM9601 Fast Ethernet Adapter


I'm new to openwrt and need some help with a driver.
I have a raspberry pi 3 B (with openwrt-21.02) which I want to use with a usb-ethernet-adapter.
The adapter shows in linux

Bus 008 Device 003: ID 0fe6:9700 ICS Advent DM9601 Fast Ethernet Adapter

I have see in this forum USB LAN at Orange Pi PC - #7
that kmod-usb-net-dm9601-ether should be working, but this driver is available for openwrt-18.06 and not available for openwrt-21.02.

Could someone give me a hint how to proceed? :question:

Is there any other driver that i cloud use for this Adapter?