OpenWrt 21.02.3 unknown package usb-modeswitch

Hi - im trying to Get a PI running a LTE router.

I have huawei e8372, that i cannot seem to get working. the stick is starting in storage mode.. which seems normal.. so i started to hunt for what packages to install.. and found a list from 2018.. but that seems to be too old now.. most of them arent existing anymore.. here is the article :

i also installed ubsutils - to get access to lsusb which is reporting
Bus 001 Device 120: ID 12d1:1f01 HUAWEI_MOBILE HUAWEI_MOBILE

but id keeps changing - so i hunted for usbmode, but im not able to find it - and resent posts indicate that it might allready be installed and i should look for /etc/usb-mode.json - but that file dont exists

Any pointers?

Thanks in advance

usb-modeswitch definitely still exists, the issue is that RC3 (and RC2) have been withdrawn and all the packages deleted. Reinstall with RC1.

Thanks - that seems to do the trick.. but... why is rc3 and two still available for download, infact thats the default version when you go to the download pages...? could have saved me hours, if they were either removed, or had a note saying that they have been recalled or something...

First time I heard about 21.03. Either you mean 22.03 or 21.02. Probably the former. Please confirm or correct.

The OpenWrt version history lists 22.03.0-rc1 as current.

Well, the download table

is showing 210.02.3 as the latest.


The topic title shows "21.03r3", which does not exist.

Ahh, the Title... sorry about that - but i dont know how to change it.

I have updated the topic title now to 21.02.3

thanks for you help and patience

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