OpenWrt 21.02.1 First service release

Ok thank you.

21.02.2 is tagged AND building right now...

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Now running 21.02.2 on an Archer C7 v2.

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Oh yeah, there it is (preliminarily, of course):

For anyone who experienced the reboot-and-get-a-new-WAN-IP issue (also reproducible with ifup wan), I'd love to know if it's still there.

It is for me.

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With release 21.02.2, WDS on Archer C60v2 works again. Thank you!

how long a release take from tag to announcement?

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It's usually a few days to get all the targets and supporting packages built.

With the 21.02.2 release, it fails to enable WiFi 5GHz on TP-Link Archer A6 v3. After enabling, the router reboots, and WiFi 5 GHz reverts to disabled state again. Enabling WiFi 2.4 GHz seems to work apparently.

I should add that this issue with WiFi 5 GHz was not present in the 02/15/2022 snapshot.

In fact after upgrading to the 21.02.2 release from the snapshot, with my configuration preserved, made the router inoperable and it seemed bricked with LEDs going haywire. However, I activated the failsafe mode and reset it through the firstboot command over SSH. Only after that the router became operational again, and I was able to access LuCI over LAN. Following that I discovered the 5 GHz WiFi issue, and perhaps the upgrade also rendered the router unusable due to the configuration (that was preserved during the upgrade) already having 5 GHz enabled.

I hope this can be fixed asap, as this upgrade may render this router unusable, and perhaps leave it in a bricked state, for other people as well.

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The 02.2 update build of the GT-AC5300 did not work here. After reboot, 02.1 persists in same partition.

can you post syslog related to it? while im not dev it will be helpful to some

About GT-AC5300, it is fixed in snapshot but not merged to the current 02.x.;a=commit;h=30b168b9b8451d6165833cee75019ef7dbfd8a2e

A post over on Reddit has an interesting theory about v21's penchant (for some) to give them a new WAN IP much, much more easily than in past versions. I thought I'd post it here in case it's right. My only problem with it: DSA isn't rolled out to my router yet (on ath79, only one router is, so it's not rolled to a whole lot of routers), so I don't see how it could be the explanation, but something about v21 made all the difference if it's not this.


It happens because of the switch to DSA. Now the internal VLANs (1 and 2) and 'proxied ports' are not used anymore. This is a nice change as previously OpenWrt would not detect when the WAN port was unplugged or replugged, as a hardware hotplug event was not passed forward to the relevant processes over the internal VLAN. For example, if your WAN IP changes, you'd have to manually restart the interface to get the interface to update.

If you want to check this yourself: unplug your WAN port on 19.07 → you can see the IP address stays on the interface. Unplug your WAN port on 21.02 → interface loses IP.

That your IP did not change was merely because the router did not send any 'port going down' events to the other end when rebooting, as they did not pass the internal VLANs. Your ISP hardware on the other side will likely immediately release the DHCP lease when they receive this signal, as possibly their IPv4 addresses are scarce. If you relied on this, you were practially relying on a bug, as it is now working how it's supposed to in 21.02. You can still forcefully reboot by unplugging power or running reboot -f, which will not send this signal.

My ISP is more lenient and has been giving me the same IP for 2 years on the same MAC address (I spoof it on the WAN port) and I keep it on reboot.

I was on that reddit thread...

I guess it depends on how you look at it.

I don't necessarily see getting a new WAN IP on reboot, or ifup wan a negative.

It's definitely helpful if you're under a DDoS attack.

We were helping a user on another site whose son got into a beef with some online gamers, and they were getting DDoSed as a result.

These two scripts may have some clues...



You would need to do a diff of the 19.0.x and 21.0.x versions.

I did do a compare last year, though I'm not sure now if it was that particular file or not, but given that it happens in other ways (like ifup wan) and perhaps even by merely unplugging the WAN (I haven't tested that yet), it may be more complex.


Reboot may be initiating an ifup wan somewhere.

Honestly, it's never really impacted me, so I haven't done a deep dive.

I saved both system log and kernel log from within LuCI.

System log:
Kernel log:

Device: TP-Link Archer A6 v3
OpenWrt version: 21.02.2 (upgrade from snapshot 02/15/2022, followed by soft reset from failsafe mode)

Issue: Upgrading seemed to brick my router (with configuration preserved, including 5 GHz WiFi enabled). After soft resetting through failsafe mode, enabling 5 GHz WiFi through LuCI fails and it makes the router reboot with 5 GHz WiFi setting reverted (disabled again). Enabling 2.4 GHz WiFi seems to work.

I'd like to see log while crushing: do you have uart cable for it?
not sure remote syslog or save to file can save crash report:

Surely we could all just wait for the official 21.02.2 announcement, and then post issues in there instead of polluting this one?