OpenWrt 21.02.1 First service release

I've not experienced any random reboots either:

Uptime	50d 17h 41m 46s
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I can’t remember a single “random reboot” ever on any device since I started using 18.06 some years ago.
Some “crashes” has it been over the years (especially in the beginning) caused by miss configurations but never a “self activated random reboot” on a operational OpenWRT system.

yes have the problem with hostapd versions greater then 35 at two different routers. At the moment I am using still the 35 Version

The TP-Link (c2600) have Unexplained hangs freezes and reboots with Archer c2600

Hopefully resolved with the current OpenWrt 21.02.1 release :crossed_fingers:!

The router did not reboot while the AP keep disconnecting. :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes:

I am waiting the commited code to be released in 21.02.2.

FS#3947 - Wifi STA that loses AP signal takes down the whole router, sometimes rebooting it

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Do you have any idea/expectation on when we will be able to get a new release?
Fix on seems to affect a great number of users.

But the mailing list doesn’t say much and the commits really starts to pile up…

The commits really have piled up. I've been wondering if we'll see a 21.02.2 rc1 before 21.02.2 :laughing:

I'm taking my chances using snapshot for now. I get a substantial throughput improvement (~75%) from the switch to kernel 5.10 in snapshot on MT7621, and no bugs that affect my use so far - knock on wood.


I been there to😂

And the fix is not even mentioned on the "Linksys WRT AC Series" page.

Anyone with wiki editing rights, please add this to the page:

For devices with mwlwifi 88w8864, add this to /etc/rc.local:
# turn off A-MSDU frame aggregation
echo "0" >> /sys/kernel/debug/ieee80211/phy0/mwlwifi/tx_amsdu
echo "0" >> /sys/kernel/debug/ieee80211/phy1/mwlwifi/tx_amsdu

Anyone getting random reboots... I'm trying out firmware from MT7621 - 21.02/Master feedback firmware image test - IPV6 offload and disabled Flow Control - For Developers - OpenWrt Forum; the dev on it is testing out their patch on 21.02-snapshot & master branches.


Done and updated.

guys why this error is happening? since latest reversion 1 is working totally. so weeeeeird.

Yesterday I bricked my router with the latest snapshot, it's a GL-inet S1300, but to 21.02.1 and it works fine. I recovered it with uboot, with the snapshot the wired connections were working, but I was unable to access luci with wire and wifi was off after the update.

Is is just as bad today as when wrt3200acm was first invented and put on the market.
It didn’t became better when the manufacturer of the wifi chip was bought and they made this device wifi chip discontinued which was the final nail in the coffin for a meaningful wifi on Linkys wrt3200acm.

Model Linksys EA3500:
performed upgrade 21.02.1: take a bit of time after failed soft bricks
finally was able to upgrade using the 21.02.1 but now no wireless config, looking through cli and through luci, uci.

Originally I had compiled from kirkwood 21.02.1 did a git pull compiled as usual, no errors the manifest showed what this model uses for wireless to work it was compiled into the manifest but this firmware didn't want to flash it kept soft bricking.

The size of the firmware is basic essentials for this router that I've used since the beginning it's support from lede to openwrt.

In the beginning when lede was flashed I had flashed this router twice since It wasn't going back to oem and now I'm not sure if this has anything to do with no being able to flash it now using a custom build but I could start over with another compilation but it's never compiled without wifi support till now?

If this doesn't work then I guess I could try to revert back to oem and start from scratch.

Edited: I had rewritten my statement some in order to make some sense on what I'm going through upgrading 21.02.1 on the kirkwood audi ea3500 router.

Edited #2:I was able to compile once again, no errors during build compilation or after, I was able to flashed the same firmware with wireless functioning even though the marvell isn't updated 2.4 still works maybe not for high bandwidth connections but works fine for me on 50/5 connection not the best but okay.

Thanks to all who work on openwrt have a great year.



Are you using a snapshot build? If so, I have this issue, HW Flow Offload needs to be disabled to solve the random reboots. More details here.

Incase it isn't clear by now, you do have to install luci via SSH on the snapshot builds. It may not have been bricked.

Curious if you stuck with 21.02.1 or switched to latest snapshot for wrt1900acs wifi performance. I've been running an older snapshot for some time, but I think the wifi performance still leaves something to be desired.