OpenWrt 21.02.0 second release candidate

correction needed here...

Packages are dependant on phase2 buildbot which can take up to 3 days in the current schedule/climate

imagebuilder is a dynamic 'bundler' of 'date-last-built' packages from the packages repo which are constantly being rebuilt

(edit: see comment re: 'target' > packages)

official images contain packages that are built 'on-the-fly' direct from the git packages source

this means that 'core' packages between an imagebuilder image and an official image can have alternate versions (in this case luci-mod-network) and that there is a 'predictable' and definite timing element to what packages will be rolled into an imagebuilder image ( either older than or newer than an official image )

when using the imagebuilder, it is best to check that the last date 'packages' were uploaded is later than the imagebuilder date... this is often only evident during breaking changes to version dependent packages (rpcd, iwinfo and in this case luci-mod-network) or packages with known bugs

and when seeking support always state whether or not you are using an imagebuilder generated image or officially downloaded image as whilst they are similar that are NOT the same thing...

(thanks jow and hnyman)