OpenWrt 20.XX ? Any news on this?

Haven't seen any exposed information about the next big release of OpenWRT... is there any news on this? Anywhere we can follow to find out about it?

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Releases happen when they happen.

There is alot of development work being undertaken ( 5.4 / dsa / target pruning - tidying )...

A minimum of two months... would not be unreasonable...

( the mailing list would be where you would find out if and when things are going to happen )


How far has v20 come? when is it expected?

You can make your own guess based on the Release goals for 20.XX.


Thank you clear as day. Searched for an existing thread but missed this one...!!

Not until Jan 2021, as the 19.07 EOL support date:

Any there any planned snapshots, like there were for 19.07?

Maybe something like this would satisfy the curious and provide devs with feedback on upcoming changes?

Yes, since the 20 version hasn't been branched yet from the master branch, the current master branch snapshots can be used to beta test the future 20 version.

Once version 20 has been branched from master there will also be dedicated version 20 snapshots.

Will it be called 21.xx? :sunglasses:

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See also Any new informations when branch to stable happens?

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