OpenWrt 19.07.x ath79 tiny LuCI

Can you add support for Netgear WNR2000v4 ??

My mom has a WR841Nv8, so I will try your build on it when I visit her.

Thanks in advance!

Hi. There is a sysupgrade ROM for the mentioned Netgear WNR2000 v4 device among other ROMs in If you are still on stock, upgrade using the guide to my sysupgrade firmware file. Otherwise just flash the new image without keeping the configuration.

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I tried your build but it doesn't save the settings on reboot. Maybe there's no space to save the configuration.

That's why I stayed on Lede 17 because even with official OpenWRT 18, there's no enough space to save the configuration.

Do you have, by any chance at least a tiny OpenWRT 18 build?

Thanks in advance.

EDIT: Maybe removing WatchCat would do the trick? Although I saw it was a small package, like 6KB for both watchcat and luci-app-watchcat. But every KB would count.

First I would try to do factory reset and change all settings via LuCI. If it still doesn't save, you could try to rebuild it without WatchCat, but keep in mind, the whole image is already compressed and extracted to ramdisk, so you could save even less.

I've tried to make my own build with your config file following instructions from here: OpenWrt 19.07.x ath79 tiny LuCI - #121 by bers using Debian on WSL but I get this warning:

WARNING: Makefile 'package/feeds/packages/ksmbd/Makefile' has a dependency on 'kmod-crypto-arc4', which does not exist

It builds fine, and the file size it's almost the usual (3.3 MB) but that warning scares me a bit.

What I'm doing wrong?

Probably nothing. For more info on this warning look here.

I'm an idiot!

On git checkout I was putting v19.07.7, whereas it should be 19.07.10, now I get no warnings and no errors!!!

Compiling now.

I'll do the same for the WR841N because I don't need watchcat but I do need DDNS (ddns-scripts and NoIP).

Talking about that, where is ddns-scripts-noip?? I couldn't find it on the make menuconfig. Or is there a way to add it?? I'm new in this building stuff.


If it's missing in menuconfig, it wasn't compatible or added to version 19.07.10. I'd go and search openwrt repository for git commit adding support for this and cherry-pick it.

Oh, it was there. As soon as I checked ddns-scripts, the noip was there.

Thanks again for everything. Now running OpenWRT 19.07.10 on a WNR2000v4.

As soon I set up everything, I realized I didn't need DDNS because I set it up on the main router. I will need it for my mom's WR841Nv8, tho.


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Hello again Ashus,

I like building the image myself a lot. Thanks for doing this and making a great config for low mem devices!

What do you think of these settings:

Global build settings / Strip unnecessary exports from the kernel image
Global build settings / Strip unnecessary functions from libraries

I see they aren't enabled in your config.

Are they worth enabling them? I read on another thread that you can save more KBs by enabling them. What are the consequences?

I'd be careful around those. Only do those if you are able to connect and rescue the device via TTL cables. Although the first one may only affect things found in syslog, you never know, what functions are used by some third party stuff. And you might lock yourself out by accident.

Not worth the risk, then. I'll won't enable it then.


I'm completely new to OpenWRT, would it be feasible to use this on a TP-Link WR-841ND (v9.1) to set up Tailscale and also use it as a bridge repeater? Made it work as a repeater with DD-WRT but also need a way to break it out from behind a carrier-grade NAT (I know it would be trivial with new hardware but it's not an option)

tailscale on its own (not even looking at its dependencies) weighs 3.5 MB (tailscaled weighs 6.1 MB), how do you expect to fit that into the 4 MB flash of your device - on top of the ~3.5 MB needed for the (this) basic firmware itself? You would need at least 16 MB (32 MB to be comfortable) flash to even consider tailscale (and much more than 32 MB RAM).

Go shopping and get a device that would actually stand a chance to meet your requirements, the second hand markets have plenty to offer that's not affected by - some of it even rather cheap.

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this is great, using your build with no problem for a week, i hope you build for WR1043ND, got this good ol router from a friend today, he upgrade to archer, thank you.

There is no need to build for those. I am using an Archer C7 right now and even 1043ND has 8MB ROM, so it is OK to use the latest OpenWRT and install any smaller package you might need.

ah yes thanks for this information, I just flashing from official OpenWRT build while ago, seems OK, how is Archer C7 with OpenWRT? worth it?

Archer C7 works perfect with OpenWRT, everything is fully supported and tested. Xiaomi Router 4A Gigabit is somewhat faster though, it is dual-core and has much newer SOC, but there are only two LAN ports. And it is much cheaper. I put it even to my Unifi APs, where I found wifi to be faster.

next release will however be the last official openwrt release for 8MB devices ...