OpenWRT 18.060.1

Hi everyone,

I got the chance to get a Mi router 3G and put OpenWRT 18.06.01 without too much effort.
I installed luci using luci-ssl package and also luci-app-wifi-schedule.

Everything was working fine for few days. I took observation of the box but one day, my equipment connected via the router lan cannot use the WAN port to access the INTERNET.

LAN, Wifi legacy or the WIFI_5G is working correctly, DHCP was OK and lan client get their IP from the router.

The strange things is that luci is not running and there is no way for me to get luci status.
I used "logread -f" and used this link:

But logread don't give me any clue about what's going on with luci.

I'm in the same position as the person in the URL. I have to identify the location of the problem but logread does not give me more information while I try to stop/start luci again using /etc/init.d/uhttpd restart.

Could you help pointing out where to look at ?
The strange thing is that I did not touch the box while everything was working and suddenly my client in router LAN are prevented to go out the LAN.

Thank you for your help !

PS: I could reset the router and restart from scratch but I would like to handle few investigation as I did not touch the box. Maybe a memory leak or a filesystem gets full. As the link above, "df -h" shows that /rom is 100% used but the rest is available at 100%.

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