OpenWrt 18.06 tplink TD-W8980 - DSL configuration

Hi, today I install openwrt on my modem/router but ADSL don't work, Can you help me?

Can you describe what doesn't work?

Internet connections. I have Tim ADSL.

That's not very descriptive.

  • Is this a fresh install or an upgrade?
  • Are you having issues configuring the ADSL modem?
  • Is it a LAN issue?

I connect rj11 cable in the dsl port. I configure overATM. Is there a guide to configure adsl?

Thank you very much!

Internet work fine but when I download a file it crashes and the browser says network error. How can I fix it?

Have you examined the system log in LuCI for error messages?

I think I've solved it. I delete wan6 interface.

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