OpenWrt 18.06.2, adding Pihole functions?

Hi all! I'm using this great firmware on my Netgear R6220, it works like a charm!

But after reading of Pihole benefits (for Raspberry Pi), I'm wondering if it is possible to set up on my router the same functions, even something similar (based on dnsmaq, I think).

Thank you, bye

This is the first time I knew what a Pihole did...

Yes, see: Adblock support thread

Also, per the community guidelines, please refrain from signing posts.

Thank you Ileachii, beg your pardon

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No problem, and the commands to install are:

opkg update
opkg install adblock luci-app-adblock libustream-mbedtls libmbedtls

Adblock's great, but the reporting features of pihole would be nice to have on openwrt

adblock release 3.6.x include reporting features, see here for reference: Adblock support thread

This version is currently in master and will be part of OpenWrt 19.x


Nice, I'm on master (davidc502 build) and didn't even realise that was in there. Turned it on and it's working fine, thanks for the pointer :+1: