OpenWrt 18.06.1 Build for TP-Link TL-WR841N(D) All Versions

Not tested, but no-ip shows on web interface.

Ok, i will try and let you know.

Thanks @patchez.

Have left iPv6, I have only removed wol (wake on lan), Qos and DnS and this has allowed me to add extra SQM script and a package to use my routers in wireless bridge (relay) :grinning: is not the same as However, it is possible to use generate your own update URL ( and use it with custom URL in the standard DDNS package so it's not really necessary to add the noip package.

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Can you help-me how to do that?


Check the example URL on and replace username, password and domain name with [USERNAME][PASSWORD] and [DOMAIN] like in the example URL you get when you choose custom. IP is optional.


Thanks for the tip. I didn't knew.
I will try when i get home.


I Installed your build 17.01.5.
Everything ok.

Thank you.


Your DDNS tip works.
Thank you!


Your 17.01.5 build (SQM) keep working without problems.

A question about build script:

Where i can found the base image links list?

If i want to make a build from snapshot , for example, how do i search the correct file?


I got the official releases from GitHub.
Alternatively, you can get the official release with git.

git clone
cd openwrt
git checkout v18.06.0

For a specific snapshot it would be something like:

git clone
cd openwrt
git checkout tag-name-or-commit

I have compiled my last snapshot using

git clone -b openwrt-18.06
cd openwrt

And you know everything else :wink:

Now that v18.06.1 is released, can somebody pack this set with "SQM" and "Adblock" mainly?

Does it have pppoe and ipv6? Also, adblock has a limited set of lists due to low space? Can someone pist available space?

LE: I saw available space.

Updated a WR841Nv11 to the last version and now it doesn't boot. Anyone else tested?

Edit: OK, now I've seen the message next to the link...

@xhaka Have you got your script working with 18.06.1? I modified the original script to remove Adblock, DDNS, IP6 and add SQM, but ended up having to use failsafe to re-flash the official BIN. Any advice/tips you can provide would be greatly appreciated.

Hi I have not had the chance to try the script in OpenWrt 18.06.1 based constructions and I do not do anything out of the ordinary just modify it by removing the complete packages with their libraries (you know qos and luci-app-qos ...) and add the corresponding packages

@patchez would there also be plans to support v13? I have one of these, and it works with LEDE, but Wifi is a bit unstable.

a bit is an understatement...

@patchez Can you add 941ND V3 support?. Thanks in advance.

@xhaka What version number of the codebase do you have it working with?

Hi @zakaluka

A few weeks ago I stopped using OpenWrt, if I remember correctly I got to use the stable version 18.06 and the snapshot. I am currently using libreCMC v1.4.4 an OpenWrt fork
My custom builds