OpenWrt 15.05 for IPQ4019 chipset using QSDK


I am trying to build openwrt 15.05 version for IPQ4019 chipset using QSDK. Please find the below error message, while building QSDK source by enabling hostapd package.

hostapd.c:(.text.hostapd_disable_iface+0x104): undefined reference to hostapd_dfs_test_mode_csa_timeout' ../src/ap/ctrl_iface_ap.o: In functionhostapd_ctrl_iface_status':
ctrl_iface_ap.c:(.text.hostapd_ctrl_iface_status+0x374): undefined reference to `hostapd_write_ht_mcs_bitmask'
collect2: error: ld returned 1 exit status

Please let me know the cause of this issue.

Thanks & Regards

QSDK is proprietary and support is available through your Qualcomm channels.

Although the QSDK may utilize open-source components from the OpenWrt project, it is not OpenWrt and generally cannot be supported here.


ipq806x wasn't even supported in OpenWrt (well, LEDE) before 17.01.x, ipq40xx not before 18.06.x.