OpenWrt 15.05.1 menus not working on Dune HD Max 4K

I purchased a Dune HD Max 4K back in January of 2020. I have spent countless hours trying to get the factory installed OpenWRT SoC (v15.05.1) to function so that I could set up various network services. Once I established the login and password, however, the only menu which functions is the Status page, which shows by default. When I select any of the other main menus, System, Services or Network, there are no drop-down menus to access any of the configuration options. I thought of either reinstalling the supplied version, or upgrading to a more current one, but there is no listing for any Dune player in your list of supported devices. Even tracking down a version compatible with the Realtek1295 chip set leaves me with the problem of not being able to access the System / Backup/Flash menu to perform the installation. How do I get these menus to function properly?

Your post does not appear to be related to an officially released OpenWrt version, package or supported operation.

It is unlikely that you will receive useful input here.

Please seek advise from the relevant maintainer.

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In addition to what @slh said, the other thing to realize is that this device is clearly designed to be a media device for home theater use. As such, the (ancient) OpenWrt 15.05.1 that is installed on that device is surely highly customized by the vendor, probably with added features and even bespoke software additions, and many features removed or hidden. Because of this, the firmware/software running on that device will not work like a normal OpenWrt installation. The only people who can really help you will be the vendor's support team.


I purchased the unit from, which states under their return policy:
"A defective unit DOES NOT include the inability of a customer to establish, use, or configure, a stable, stream worthy, browse-able network connection. It is impossible for Dune HD to establish the compatibility of a customers network. The network health and ability to function with a Dune media player resides entirely on the customer, and is not the responsibility of Dune HD." Not a lot of end-user support there for resolving any network configuration issues, even if it's due to their own faulty development.
Under your OpenWrt Downloads, there is a reference under Release Archives to the Chaos Calmer 15.05.1 installed on this Dune unit. In the built-in browser it is branded as OpenWRT. So, although not technically what you consider an official OpenWRT release, I figured I'd check whether you had some insight to the problem. Thanks for your responses.

The firmware running on your device has not been provided by OpenWrt, you will have to contact dune or your supplier for support.

  • OpenWrt 15.01.1 is out-of-support for half a decade by now
  • vanilla OpenWrt has never supported the RTD1295 SOC
  • vanilla OpenWrt doesn't come with graphics-, GUI, media-player support
  • OpenWrt has no relation whatsoever with dune-hd-usa or this particular device.

I don't think you can call this defective, at least at this point. You can contact their support for help even if it is not defective (at least that is what I'd expect from any reputable company). Typically the definition of defective in these types of devices would be a hardware failure or permanent firmware failure.

The device is a media streamer. It is not a general purpose networking device/router. You described your issue has menus not working -- but it is possible that your device has those intentionally disabled.

Meanwhile, the best support we can offer, beyond telling you to contact dune-hd-uda, is to say this: try a factory reset on the device... that typically fixes issues on many types of devices.

Just to build on this... beyond the fact that version 15.05 is EOL and has been for a long time, the other major factor is that it is so old that very few people remember how to actually use it. Things change with each major revision, and this is ancient history. How well do you remember Windows 3.1 or Mac System 6?

In this case you could just as well ask a(n exclusive-) windows user how well they remember MacOS 6 - we've never seen that device (nor anything remotely similar ~= anything using the same SOC or features), it has never been supported by OpenWrt at all. We can't support your AC system or pool filtration system either, nor could we help you to tune the carburetor in a 1931 Ford Model A.


I don't know why, but some TV commercials for hotels and insurance are coming to mind with your latest comment :rofl:.

Very interesting device to run OpenWrt...
Can you ask the vendor to for GPL sources?

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