openVPN tls_auth question

I have a router with ddwrt and am trying to convert over to openwrt. I have a functional openVPN setup that I've been using for a while on ddwrt. I loaded OpenWRT on a spare router and get a nice UI and am trying to get the same settings (certificates and such) I had in ddwrt set up in openWRT. It is not clear as to how I set up the server to use a tls_auth. My clients connect with this ovpn config:
verb 4
connect-retry-max 5
connect-retry 5 300
resolv-retry 60
dev tun
remote my.server 1194 udp
key-direction 1
route vpn_gateway
remote-cert-tls server
fragment 1400

When I go to this page: OpenWRT ovpn setup I see a of of text that I am supposed to type in, but the UI gives me 3 options to choose from. Seems to be a bit of a disconnect. Is there a more current howto on setting up an OpenVPN server on openWRT which is aligned with the current UI? Even so, I sense that tls_auth is not common and still want to know where I need to go to add this.

When I load and open the basic UI, I see that I needed to add some openVPN packages (done). I fiogured that part out. Now I get an openVPN choice in the menu. Woo Hoo! Is there a page describing how to go to the next step and set this up? I did click through and thought I had set this up, but then nothing started.



The config you have posted references no certificates or keys at all. If your server is allowing this connection it would allow anyone else to make an unauthorized connection.

remote-cert-tls server has the client verify that the server's certificate is flagged with "Server" usage, but since the client doesn't have a CA file it is unclear how the server's certificate would be validated.