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Hi folks.

I used the instructions here to setup the an OpenVPN server and everything works nicely. The addition of instructions for PKI on PC instead of the device is a great bonus:)

The things is these do not seem to build any entries in LUCI firewall (except for the WAN:Device allow UDP/PORT) or to LUCI OpenVPN.

I had tried for hours to initially set this up via LUCI but failed.

The weird thing is on my other OpenWRT device running 18.x everything was in LUCI but I don't recall how I had set it up.

Probably too much to ask but would anyone care to explain what matching settings to use within LUCI to match the configuration? Or is it a case that these settings aren't (yet) avail in LUCI?


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@nonsub, welcome to the community!

Not many people mention setup of OpenVPN via the web GUI. Most threads here refer to CLI setup. Now that the thread is in a better location, hopefully others will chime in.

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I'm also curious about this. I had thought that perhaps the LUCI interface would reflect the openVPN server I setup via ssh. But that doesn't seem to be the case.

To manage OpenVPN instances via web interface, you need to copy-paste the sections web interface and instance management.

The UCI-based OpenVPN setup is not impossible, however it's typically harder to configure and troubleshoot due to syntax differences and more possibilities to make a mistake.

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