OpenVPN server configuration

I installed openvpn server on my openwrt router following this guide OpenVPN OpenWRT.

Everything went through and I was able to use my domain name for the server. I have VPN to LAN communication working and I have internet access through the VPN using my LAN services (LAN pihole, LAN SMB, etc.).

The setup guide set everything up in a way that the client does not enter a password...I believe the .ovpn profiles created act as the username/password for the connections. Am I wrong?

Also, based on that guide, is there any other security measures I need to take in regards to the VPN server and its connections?

And one more thing, when I set everything up I only made two client profiles at first. What is the proper way to add another client profile?

I figured out the steps needed to add new clients without destroying my existing server. Now I'm just wondering if there are other security practices I should be using that the guide doesn't mention?

You'll make the additional client certificates and keys using the same method as you used to generate the first set... make sure you have the same ca file (generated in the process of your original server and client keys) and you should be fine.

as far as other security considerations -- obviously this is going to depend on your goals, but OpenVPN is considered secure and as long as you didn't mess up your firewall file, you should be fine.