OpenVPN server config

i am trying to configure open VPN server on my GL router and it automatically provide me ip address which is the same in the video tutorial ? i thought it would provide me my home ISP ip address for the server configuration. Please advise also if i can use my home ISP ip address to do the server configuration as well.

The OpenVPN address that you see is the address of the tunnel. It is not the actual public IP address of the endpoint. It can be thought of as a private network just like behind any normal NAT router (IPv4).

When you connect from a remote location via OpenVPN to your home, if everything is configured properly, your remote traffic will 'emerge' from your home IP address. You can test this by simply googling "what's my IP" when the tunnel is active and comparing that to when it is not active. You can also use trace route to verify that traffic is going through the tunnel.


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