OpenVPN question

I have followed the manual to create a OpenVPN server (
Is there a way that I can see the configuration in the UI ?
I use OpenWrt on my TP-LINK TL-WR1043ND v1.
Thanks !


newer releases may have more options... fwiw... apart from toggling on / off or a basic option or two... command line configuration is far superior.

I have this on my router.
But when I go to the services --> OpenVPN, I don't see the instance that I have created with the guide.
I only see the three default instances and they are stopped.
How can I see the instances from the guide ?

The guide creates traditional conf files... the best way imho.... this will let you enable / disable that particular config...

	uci set openvpn.NAME=openvpn
	uci set openvpn.NAME.enabled=0
	uci set openvpn.NAME.config='/etc/openvpn/NAME.conf'
	uci commit openvpn

Or you could just mimick the eqivalent parameters from the sample_config for your instance.... in /etc/config/openvpn if you prefer that method....

You could also probably just click new... in luci and tell it where the conf file is... be careful not to mess up the names etc.

EDIT: removed advice to try shifting parameters from .conf to uci... see below

I don't think you can mix UCI and external file. If there is an option config, everything comes from that file and the other UCI settings for that instance are ignored.