Openvpn-Openssl Package


I am new at openwrt trying to learn.
I want to install Openvpn-Openssl but i get Kernel: Version Incompatible.
(I am attaching you images).

Is there a solution? Will be a newer package available from the OpenWrt community which will be compatible?

Did you install an OpenWrt snapshot image on your router? This would explain the incompatibility.
Refer to this wiki article for details:

thank you for your reply!!! :slight_smile:

I installed this one:

It is "openwrt with luci", i followed the guide from this video

I guess is self compiled by the uploader.

Will there be an updated version of the Openvpn-Openssl package? If they update it, will it work? Or by the time is selfcompiled it will never work?

What do you suggest at a novice user, as me, to do?
(i am trying to set-up npv and this packed is needed)

As far as I can tell from the screenshot, the problem lies with the kmod-tun package.
You need to get this package from the same build run as the firmware image because it must match the kernel version built into the image.

Apparently support for your device has not been integrated into official OpenWrt yet, so these are your options:

  • get the packages from the same place where you downloaded the image, or
  • get the source code which was used to build the image, then rebuild the image and packages yourself
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Thank you very much for your reply!!!