Openvpn on own server

Hey guys, I have openvpn installed on my server and wanted to use it with my router running lede. The only thing is on my server it creates a .ovpn file for each connection.

I can not see where I upload this file to the router.

Any help would be great and sorry if it's been asked before I'm a newbie.

Thank you

Two easy methods:

  • Download the router config, and add the file to /etc/config; then re-upload the config file
  • Place it on a HTTP/S server and perform a wget

Other options requiring configs or install of more packages:

  • SFTP
  • FTP

You have a few choices:

  • Utilize SSH to copy/paste the output from the ovpn into /etc/openvpn
  • Utilize SCP/SFTP to transfer the file to the router
    • If using Windows, WinSCP is a must have that will make management easier.

  • While what @lleachii suggested would work, I personally wouldn't recommend using a web server to transfer the file(s), as depending on how you've configured your VPN server, there's going to be sensitive data in the ovpn that should only be readable by the user and OpenVPN (the PSK for instance, among others).

Are you intending on your router to be the server, or a client that connects back to your server that's running an OpenVPN server?

As a general FYI, you're going to want to manage or troubleshoot OpenVPN on OpenWrt via cli (SSH), not via LuCI.

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Hey I wanted my router as a client so all traffic goes through my server not my home connection. Was thinking of making a WiFi network connection just for the VPN if that's possible... Home/home5g/homevpn.

I'm still a bit stuck I have uploaded the openvpn file to ect/openvpn what happens next with the setup, do you know of any tutorials that would help me. Or if you can and have time guide me through it.

Kind regards

You should add to /etc/openvpn

config openvpn 'home'
        option config '/root/your.ovpn'
        option enabled '1'

and upload file your.ovpn to /root folder

Sorry I'm lost, :frowning:

Do I just add that to the ovpn file in text editor. Should I have two copy's one in /root and one in /ect/openvpn.

I'm totally new to both openvnp and lede. Just no the basics. Will keep googling for info


Yes, you can also copy/paste the data using a text editor on SSH.

You only need one copy of the file. Doesn't matter where you place it, as long as your config notes the proper location.

This would not be recommended if /root is not backed up by default by sysupgrade. IIRC, /etc/openvpn/ is added to the sysupgrade config upon installing openvpn.

Add files that you want to preserve (that aren't already in sysupgrade -l with it being a lowercase "ell") to /etc/sysupgrade.conf

Can not work it out. Anyone know of an up to date tutorials?

Running on wrt with LEDE Reboot 17.01.4 r3560

If someone could write one up I'll make a video and stick it on YouTube