Openvpn on both ipv4 and ipv6, gui issue

Right now I'm away from home, with my laptop on a native dual-stack network (Deutsche Telekom).
I have been experiencing issues connecting to my home via openvpn; since I knew for a fact that it worked, having tested it right before leaving, I suspected that the laptop was preferring ipv6 and the server just wasn't listening. Forced the laptop to use ipv4 with explicit address in config and then it worked, bingo!

Next, I had to tell the luci openvpn config about this, so I changed:
option proto 'udp'

list proto 'udp'
list proto 'udp6'

After restarting the server, I could connect over both ipv4 and ipv6, as confirmed by the logs.
The luci gui, however, still displays the input field as an option, not as a list.

Is this to be expected?

Well, apparently "udp6" covers both UDPv4 and UPDv6, so the change is really simple. Never mind.

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