Openvpn-easy-rsa snapshot where are all the build tools?

Hi all
Apparently the openvpn-easy-rsa package does not ship any of the tools that were included at least until 17.01.2 (build-ca, build-dh, build-key-server, build-key-pkcs12)
Have they been moved in another package?

Now all tools are in easyrsa file
try type easyrsa help

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why this changes ?
on my LEDE Reboot 17.01.4 all of my scripts i use for OPENVPN work fine and now on OpenWRT 18.06.0 i get only errors
And now it is diffrent from normal linux-systems ...

Weird that in building new 21.02.2 version 'openvpn-easy-rsa' and 'openvpn-openssl' are nowhere to be found. (Network / VPN - do not show any openvpn item)
Can not build versions with them?
What do i missed?


They exist in 21.02.1.

openvpn-easy-rsa - 3.0.8-3 - CLI utility to build and manage a PKI CA.
openvpn-openssl - 2.5.3-3 - Open source VPN solution using OpenSSL

Well, you installed 21.02.2 before the official announcement has happened. Why does this matter?? It matters because the build system may still be running to build all necessary packages for all platforms. In fact, some packages may be available now for other platforms, but not for the one you're using. The official announcement is made when the build system has successfully completed building all of the images and the associated packages.

Wait until the official announcement and then try again. If you still have missing packages, report back at that time.

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Thanks for the quick response.
I'll try first latest v21.02.1 then :wink: (checkout etc.)

According the following (commercial) website, it looks already released:
I did wonder why the default OpenWRT webpage still mention v21.02.1 as latest stable release.
Tried to build it and it works fine (without the packages I mentioned).

Awaiting for the official release.


That's not the official announcement. Some people/sites will say that a release has happened when the new stable version has been tagged (and/or when the images start to appear). But that does not mean it is actually ready for use. That comes when the OpenWrt developers and site admins make the announcement.

All official news from OpenWrt (as a project/community) will be posted here.

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