Openvpn easy-rsa setup problem

Hello all,

Using Reboot (17.01.4, r3560-79f57e422d) on WRT1200AC and very happy with it.

I want to setup an openvpn server on it, following the LEDE guide found here
When I source vars or try to build-ca, I get
Error relocating /usr/bin/openssl: SSLv3_client_method: symbol not found
Error relocating /usr/bin/openssl: SSLv3_server_method: symbol not found
a few times

I only changed country, commonname, etc in vars to my own.

Do I miss a package or anything?

If I execute openssl from the prompt, I get the same messages


I had that same problem so i generated server and client files and certificates on my laptop and it works great.

Will try this

OK it works,
This way being a workaround only, I openned an issue at
and now

You can check if the versions of libopenssl and openssl-util are compatible. In my case they were not.

The same problem in my Metarouter
Reboot (17.01-SNAPSHOT, r4046-beaa2ecc10)

openssl-util and libopenssl are the same:

opkg info libopenssl
Package: libopenssl
Version: 1.0.2t-1
Depends: libc
Status: install user installed
Architecture: mips_mips32
Installed-Time: 1574142675

opkg info openssl-util
Package: openssl-util
Version: 1.0.2t-1
Depends: libc, libopenssl
Status: install user installed
Architecture: mips_mips32
/etc/ssl/openssl.cnf 06baa8f15992bacd3e5b113cd571d828c0544d0482ccd2e15969fe819957271d
Installed-Time: 1577701413

root@LEDE:/# openssl
Error relocating /usr/bin/openssl: COMP_zlib_cleanup: symbol not found
Error relocating /usr/bin/openssl: BIO_f_zlib: symbol not found