Openvpn-easy-rsa old version

I'm trying to setup a VPN server on OpenWrt but I've run into a bug with the openvpn-easy-rsa v3.0.4-1 package included in opkg.

The bug is described here;

And the solution is to use openvpn-easy-rsa v3.0.7

Is there a way to manually update that package to the lastest version or will I just have to wait?

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It's best to properly report an old package version, meanwhile you can try this workaround.

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I followed the official guide and it didn't seem to use this work around, and yet it worked for some reason.

The last guide I used was doing other stuff like source vars which wasn't working either.

Tech blogs aint what they used to be! Anyway I got it fixed (without having to comment out that line)

I'm a bit concerned about PRNG bugs though... like I'm hoping udev/random is being used and not some non-random source...

I guess I'll look into the security of the thing when I'm a little less busy and a little more paranoid!

Thanks for chipping in.

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