OpenVPN connection, cannot ping/access one client

Hi There,

I have successfully configured my router as an OpenVPN server based on the guide in the wiki:

I am just facing one weird problem, I have like 7 PC clients in my network but I can only access 6 of them when I am connected through VPN. I am unable to ping or RDC this one client

When I am in the local LAN I can access all without any issues, also when connected with VPN I can connect to one client and then connect from this client to
When I ping when connected with VPN I get "Request Timed Out"

Does anyone know what could cause this?

The only thing that I changed in my configuration from the wiki were those lines:
list push 'route'
list push 'dhcp-option DNS'

Diagram of my setup:
openvpn (2)


Clients in a network are not aware of the router's VPN, to them it looks like the requests originate from outside their local network. That isn't a problem when clients only have one gateway they send all the answers through, since that gateway knows how to handle packets to the VPN.

However, that one client knows two gateways and may want to reply through Check its default route.

It actually only knows one gateway. which is the second router, the NIC with the "regular" LAN address has no gateway defined as this client should only use his dedicated internet connection and not the one the other LAN clients use.

So do I understand it correctly that most likely he receives the ping but then sends the reply to the wrong router?

It's a windows machine so when I set the regular gateway I read that Windows will take the "better" internet connection it finds and not enforce the one I want. At least that's what I read in a forum. I can set a NIC preference in the network settings but it's only a preference and not forcing Windows do only use it.

Yes (somebody CMIIW.)

If the LEDE router is not masquerading the VPN connection, then the computers in the network are receiving packets from an IP address outside of what they consider the local network, and could be firewalling them.

  • What IP address have the devices connected to the VPN server?
  • Is the VPN server masquerading traffic entering through the VPN connection?
  • Is the affected computer configured to accept traffic from the IP range in the VPN?