Openvpn connect two networks

Trying to connect local network to different network behind the same modem. Client config works to connect local computer to that network, imported the client config to openwrt and started fine. Tutorial says something about adding unmanaged tun interface to network interfaces, but that does nothing to connect the local devices in NAT to the other network.

dev tun
proto udp
remote 1194
tun-mtu 6000
mssfix 0
resolv-retry infinite
ns-cert-type server
auth-user-pass "/etc/openvpn/auth.auth"
verb 3
Thu Mar 25 17:28:00 2021 daemon.notice openvpn(Netzoben)[4709]: /sbin/ifconfig tun1 netmask mtu 6000 broadcast
Thu Mar 25 17:28:00 2021 daemon.notice openvpn(Netzoben)[4709]: /sbin/route add -net netmask gw

I guess I need a route so the local nat devices can see the other network devices, but the tutorial does not mention how to set that?

Serverside is a router so no logs there. The vpn itself seems to connect fine and I can ping from the openwrt side, so I just need to know how to get the nat connected to the other network. Don't much know of networking, slept during that class. I know it needs some form of route so the pings to a device run via the correct gateway, but where to I add that in LuCI?

In which case, is a VPN required for this scenario? Would a simple route not be sufficient?

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