Openvpn config changer luci-app

Hi all,

Since censor & data-logging is becoming a treath instead of a blessing i’m hoppin’ on the vpn-train.

But why not make it a nice thing to have then a pain-in-the-ass to configure.

My plan/project:

I have several VPN’s in different locations.

But changing everything everytime to different settings can be annoying after awhile.

especially If you prevent traffic-leaks.

Since the current openvpn server can switch config just by pointing to a different config and restart openvpn it would be a mere breeze to fabricate some luci-app that just provides you with an easy to use gui to Switch VPN’s even some toggles to direct all traffic or a specific host or prevent traffic-leak.

Unfortunately the luci-app documentation isnt very clear.

Anyone willing to help the greater good :slight_smile:

Kind regards,


why not use luci-app-commands....
ive done it
switching to diffrent vpn...

The luci-app-openvpn package will do exactly what you want, assuming I understand your desired operation.

I have a travel router configured as a VPN client with multiple OpenVPN profiles. The LuCI app allows you to enable/disable each profile with a simple checkbox and has start/stop toggles, as well. It works perfectly for my needs, but the OpenVPN service will constantly restart (even after you stop it) if it is enabled at boot, so I've disabled it there and then I can turn any given profile on/off and start/stop it at any time.

As an aside, it will allow you to have multiple VPN profiles enabled at the same time, and presumably it spawns an instance for each profile. This idea would, in theory, be fine if you are trying to connect to multiple VPN endpoints (say several offices) at the same time to use network resources. But I don't really know what happens in that situation if you have a gateway redirect directive in the profile (where does the traffic go and is it reliable)... radio buttons instead of check boxes would make it such that you could only select one at a time -- that could be useful in some circumstances.

would that be possible to put that outside the login page of openwrt do that wha's inside cannot be change

Off hand, I don't know of a way to access this without an admin login.

There have been debates about OpenWRT's multi-user status -- technically it is linux (and therefore multi-user) but by default everything is configured as a single root user. So you'd have to setup a multi-user environment within OpenWRT and then see if you can grant appropriate permissions to allow a LuCI login with limits on the controls (maybe just the LuCI app for OpenVPN) and allow that environment to have enough privileges to start/stop/change the underlying OpenVPN configuration.

Hopefully someone else may have some experience and can chime-in about configuring such a multi-user environment within this type of context.