OpenVPN client doesen't work

I have a router with 19.07.4, i I have tried to configure as client in my vpn.
I followed this guide, both 4.1a and 4.1b, but i can't communicate with the server, i think it depends on the firewall.
What can I do?

For a start follow the troubleshooting steps.

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Ok, I'll try it

Are you connecting to a 3rd party VPN provider? Who is it?

fwiw, did you study the 'alternative' openvpn client setup guide linked at the bottom of the wiki page?

My internet connection is behind NAT and I wanted to use a VPN to connect to home when I am away.
I put openvpn on a VPS server with public ip. If I connect from the pc to the server it works, instead from openwrt it connects, but I can't ping the server.

Can I suggest you study the 'Alternative' openvpn client guide for HH5A linked at bottom of the owrt wikipage ?

Otherwise, post your '/etc/config/network' and '/etc/config/firewall' from your openvpn client router.
Please use the </> formatting button when pasting the text.

Route into a Open-VPN-Client Subnet - #2 by vgaetera

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