Openvpn client connection issues

I'm trying to set up a vpn client connection from my router to a vpn service provider, everything seems to work except an error on the following command:

/sbin/route add -net vpn_public_ip netmask gw

Any hint? P.S. The client configuration works well from a client connected to LAN.

Please confirm that is your ISP's router or the IP of an upstream router. there a reason the VPN software isn't creating this route for you automatically?

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@lleachii Thank you for your response. This is more information about my router configuration:


As I saw the error I tried to execute the /sbin/route command manually and it throws no error and actually establishes the route, this is the output from openvpn daemon:


I don'r know if I'm wrong but the connection seems to happen but no Internet there...

And this is how I configured firewall zones:


Let me know if I need to provide more information. Thank you.

  • Can you try adding the routes here:


Also, if you want to put a route for the Internet via the VPN, use the two routes and - instead of

Also clarify if you're referring to OpenVPN, or you manually creating a route???

@lleachi I'm referring to OpenVPN, is there any way I can add these routes from command line?

OK, that wasn't clear at first.

Sure. Simply use ip route add in OpenWrt.

Even that it is your configs, add it to System > Startup > Local Startup in the LuCI web GUI, or at /etc/config/network - you would add:

config route                                     
        option interface '<??????????>'
        option target '<vpn_public_ip>'
        option netmask ''
        option gateway ''

Also, don't forget to specify a physical interface - as in my example above!

Just added the route rule, now what I get is this:


the previous error vanished and everything seems fine... still... NO INTERNET :persevere::disappointed_relieved:

I'm not suite sure why you're showing me that picture...except to demonstrate you're able to connect to the VPN server.

Also, you noted one route rule, did you create the 2 routes to the Internet for and

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I hope these one I made are correct:


I say "I hope" because now Internet works (and I thank you so much for that), but a weird phenomenon happens: when checking public ip on the internet sometimes I get the public vpn ip, sometimes I get mine :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

Could it be because of "not-so-really-precise" routes? :roll_eyes:

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  • Also, your VPN routes shouldn't need a gateway IP, it's a Layer 3 tunnel (that IP is wrong for the VPN's gateway anyway)!!!

After you fix it, show your ip route show result.

in the hope I correctly understood the revisions to make, I get no Internet again and this is the output for "ip route show":


You did not correctly edit the route, it still has a gateway listed.

BTW, in your screenshot of the web GUI, you had, it should be

ok, sorry, I just updated but no way it works if I don't specify gateways for and routes. If I do, and I also tried internal vpn subnet gateway it connects to the internet but it doesn't hide my real ip.

Then I'm very lost. I've never specified a gateway when the Interface is a Layer 3 tunnel.


I'm not sure what you mean by "subnet gateway IP." There is no such thing on a Layer 3 tunnel.

Make certain that you're not confusing your WAN gateway for routes needing to use your VPN interface.


EDIT: Also, if you have clients on those other zones besides LAN, they must also be permitted to forward traffic to the VPN interface!!!

@lleachi thanks for the patience, I tried like this:


I hope it's correct this time... still. doesn't work!

so what I tried to do was deleting those 3 routes from "Static routes", restart router, reapply vpn and type: "route -n" to see what routes "spontaneously" came out and I got this:


Therefore I put those in "static route" but still... no luck :frowning:

Openvpn documents recommend don't use common & subnet for your openvpn router. Try changing other subnet.

See this, section "Numbering Private Subnets":

@leeandy thank you for your reply, followed your suggestion, changed subnet to, still no luck:


I noticed a very strange thing, whenever I change routes, if I try, in the next 4-5 seconds, to refresh the page at to see if internet works and I have public vpn ip, it works but then suddenly stops.

I see many wrong static routes. Pls setup from scratch. If you prioritize traffic through vpn, see the section " Routing all client traffic (including web-traffic) through the VPN" on link above.

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I solved the problem! My router is a dga4132, Telecom Italia "blocked" it with a custom limited-feature firmware so I had to "root" it. The problem is when I installed "Luci" it came with a lot of "Traffic rules" under the firewall section which pratically inhibited the vpn. I followed this guide and everything now works like a charm! P.S. I didn't have to write a single Static Route rule. Thanks for the patience @lleachii and @leeandy

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