Openvpn client connect but no internet access from client pc

I followed this description how to create openvpn server everything is successful. When the client connects to the server the client's internet access is terminated. Why? I can access the internal network without any problems over vpn.
Thank you.

Did you allow traffic on the VPN interface to access the Internet?

Where can i do this, where does the description mention this?


Yes, the 1194 port accepted from wan side.

Not what I asked - and that's not what the link shows:

  • I'm not sure how to clarify the question or Wiki information better.
  • The Wiki shows you.

Feel free to ask questions about the link provided.

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I will try again.

I got it working by following the instructions @lleachii mentioned.

Basicallytwo steps

  1. Open up the firewall for the openvpn port, like you did.
  2. Assign the VPN interface to the LAN zone (on Advanced tab )
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No vpn interface was created for me, and I did everything according to the description. Iam noob :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

I'm still trying

On the Advanced tab of the LAN interface you should be able to choose the tun interface:

Under Firewall Edit the LAN zone, Advanced Settings > Covered devices

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Are you:

  • Trying to setup OpenVPN; or
  • Trying to get Internet working for an existing setup?

I'm trying to get Internet working for an existing setup all traffic must go through vpn.

What happns when you folow the steps noted in the Wiki and by @egc in their post above?

In the meantime it was resolved, wireguard works, openvpn does not.

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