Openvpn client configuration

In paragraph Add a new VPN connection part 6.
ipconfig: (I think so this is a missprint (ifconfig)?
comp_lzo: ( I do not have this setting on Additional Field)

Click on the “VPN” link at the top of the page. Here, you'll also make changes.

auth_user_pass: (I do not have this setting on Additional Field)
remote: (I do not have this setting on Additional Field)

Configure the interface as well as the firewall

5. Protocol of the new interface: missing

What settings can to replace? in general how do i set everything up correctly

Maybe try to configure wireguard?

MT7620A OpenWrt 18.06.1


Recently it is not available anymore. I used to have it too

You need to click the client tickbox first and save the config for these to appear.

Create an Unmanaged interface (under Interfaces menu) and assign it to tunX interface of Openvpn. After that you can add it in firewall too.

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Start by copying the contents of the crl.pem file you downloaded earlier

i don't have this file

This should be provided by Mullvad

Extract the files ca.crt and crl.pem that are found in the root of the downloaded ZIP file to a directory on your computer.

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already downloaded, but don't have this file in the archive

Well then ask Mullvad about that.

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what values are in the file?you know?
may this file be replaced by this file update-resolv-conf

It is a server revocation list, not connected to update resolv conf.

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