Openvpn-auth-ldap with Lede


I installed openvpn on my Lede Router. It seems to me that I can use only client certs for authentication. Am I right?
Is it possible to use openvpn-auth-ldap or is there a similar package for Lede to authenticate against my ldap server?

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is possible with a script use a username password authentication but I can't find openvpn-auth-ldap package.

This package does not exist in LEDE.[Name_pkg-dependencies*~]=ldap

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Thanks for the reply.

Thanks Thomas. Now I copied my root ca to /etc/ssl/certs/ and created a link with its hash value. I could make an ldapsearch successfully. Is it possible to make the ldap query with the userpass script and grant access if the bind was successful and reject if it is incorrect?