Openvpn aes-256-cbc vs aes-256-gcm (given linksys wrt has aes 256 cbc cypto engine - hardware assist)

i use a lot openvpn. my default is aes-256-cbc, but in the last version there is an auto switch from cbc to gcm by default.
they say gcm is parallel and is a bit more secure, but i think cbc is still just as secure as no one has cracked.

which would you use aes-256-cbc (with hardware crypto engine assist), while aes-256-gcm is only in the cpu (though can use multiple threads for crypting).

i chose aes-256-cbc as it has hardware assist and it uses almost no cpu usage.

but still what is your opinion? aes-256-cbc or aes-256-gcm?