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I did the installation of openNDS but the option command doesn't work.
can someone give me a hand

A single uci config option is used to choose the default splash page sequence for client login.

The command is:
uci set opennds.@opennds[0].login_option_enabled='2'

Activate by restarting the service:
service opennds restart

And to make it permanent, do:
uci commit opennds


how to set portal only for MonkeyMesh

Thanks :upside_down_face: :upside_down_face:

I'm trying to create hotspots in my city

Your OpenWrt device seems to be configured as a bridging wifi extender.
This is not compatible with openNDS.
I suggest you read the documentation at:

If you then do not know what to do, open an issue at:

so i can repeat and use opendns.
what would be the best way to do something like that.
wanted to use as little cabling as possible.
any tips?

I have access to a transmission tower, I have some eap225-outdoor radios, I would like to spread these eap255 in points of the city taking the signal from the tower providing in so the access.
any tips on how?

how is this related to the initial question ? you might want to start another thread ....

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As I said:

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