OpenNDS installation issue CC 15.05.1

I have encountered same problem while I was trying to install any kinds of Captive portal. However, can any good fellow help?

Chaos Calmer is no longer supported.


Is there any other solution? Or what should I do now?
Actually I am new with openWrt.

Check the Table of Hardware to see if your Teltonika RUT240 has current OpenWRT firmware support.


No, it doesn't.
However, thanks a lot for your guidance.

OpenNDS needs iptables v1.4.17 or above.
Check it with:

iptables -V

If Teltonika have updated it there is a chance openNDS can be made to work on this device.

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iptable is updated I think.

are you sure it even exists ?

couldn't find it in the sub dirs of

there's coova-chilli though, it's also a captive portal.

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OpenNDS has been added to the OpenWrt routing source repo in 2020,
so it exists in 21.02 and master, and seems to have been backported also to 19.07.

But I do not think that there is any support for ancient releases like 18.06, 17.01 or CC15.05.1. (or for the 15.05 based third-party derivatives like your "RutOS")


It is a MIPS 24Kc SoC so download this from here:

Then download this:

Copy both to /tmp on the device.
Then do:

opkg update
opkg install /tmp/libmicrohttpd-no-ssl_0.9.71-1_mips_24kc.ipk --force-reinstall
opkg install /tmp/opennds_9.4.0-1_mips_24kc.ipk

If you are lucky, openNDS will start up.
Check the startup log and status:

logread -e opennds
ndsctl status

That is guaranteed to fail, OpenWrt has been using musl since 17.01.x, 15.05 was using uclibc.


Good to know thanks!