Opennds configuratio in 19.07

Anybody did configuration for opennnds.....!!!!
not getting proper docs regarding the opnnds. share me the links or docs if anyone did it...

Thanks in advance.

You can find the full documentation at:

If you are having problems, raise an issue on Github at:

The version included in OpenWrt 19.07 is quite out of date (v5.1) but does work well enough if you do not need any of the later enhancements. The current version is openNDS 8.1.1 - three major revision later. It has not been backported to 19.07 as the old version works and 19.07 is supposed to be frozen apart from bug fixes.
You can however manually download and install openNDS v8.1.1, and its dependency, libmicrohttpd from snapshots - they are fully compatible. Note: These are stable package versions even though in OpenWrt snapshot packages.

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thank you for the quick reply, i ll check it out and let you know