openNDS and luci

hi, i have read the doc but i'm not able to access luci if openNDS is running, @bluewavenet can you give some imput here please?

All captive portals use a port 80 redirect to facilitate the portal popup (Captive Portal Detection).
In addition it is required that if port 80 is accessed directly, that a "511 Network Authentication Required" response is generated.
See RFC 6585 - section 6:

This can also be used as part of RFC 8910 support ( Captive-Portal Identification in DHCP and Router Advertisements (RAs))

Clearly, with a captive portal running in default mode, you cannot access port 80 of the router.

Some years ago, Luci was changed to allow access using https on port 443, with access via http on port 80, although deprecated, still being provided.

BUT NOT when you have a captive portal. You MUST use https on port 443.

As openNDS configures a gateway FQDN, you can use that for accessing Luci without having to remember the gateway ip address.

By default, when openNDS is running, you can get to Luci using this URL:

Note, however - There is no support whatsoever for openNDS in Luci.


Thanks fo this good info,

By default, when openNDS is running, you can get to Luci using this URL:
How would that work? I was accessing luci using the ip address in a browser on windows. , after installing openNDS that stopped working. But why would http://status.client work?

That ip address does not look like a proper gateway address, I suspect you have a very wrong network config.....

openNDS by default creates and uses the gateway FQDN status.client and it resolves to the portal gateway ip address.

I am new to openWrt and openNDS. So yes, it is possible I did something wrong. After the installation I modified the address to a static address of (which is part of my home network). And set the gateway to (my main router and gateway). I assumed this was the address used towards the WAN (=my home network). But in luci I can now see that that address is assigned to the lan interface. So I dont know what I need to do now. Should I set the LAN interface to (and the gateway as well? And the WAN to I am afraid to lose all possibilities to access the router.

The router has 4 ports all labeled WAN/LAN
So I used one port to connect it to my home LAN (hoping the router would see it is as the WAN, that is why I gave it that address). But I had not expect to see that address now as the lan interface in openwrt.

Either continue with the issue you have opened on Github or start your own thread on this forum.

Your issue on Github:

For completeness, your problem here is nothing to do with openNDS but rather is due to your lack of understanding of what an ip router does.

As far as openNDS is concerned, the prerequisites can be seen here: