Openmptcp config errors


My setup is as follows:

2 x LTE modems hooked up to 2 USB 3.0 ports in RPI
Amazon VPS
Laptop & RPI hooked up to a switch

RPI available at
Laptop card set up at

LTE modems have DHCP disabled and set up as
wan1 / IP (multipath master, eth1, macVlan)
wan2 / IP (multipath on, eth2, macVlan)
gateway for all

I can see the following errors

laptop - 'your IP was not leased by this router'


  • shadowsocks is not running
  • VPN is not running

VPS server

  • no server IP address (but it was added in the wizard)
  • no public IP address
  • can't contact server admin script (no token available)

LTE modems

  • gateway down
  • no server ping resonse after 1 second

What's more, I can't access any of the LTE modems.
I can see they log in (green light) but after a few minutes they get disconnected (green light starts blinking)

What do I do now?

Contact the maintainer of openmctcp?

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Notwithstanding MPTCP is end-to-end (router need not support), is any of your post OpenWrt-related?

well, OMR is based on openWrt and many WRT users are familiar with OMR. Any hint wull be appreciated.

OMR != OpenWrt

I'm not even sure how that's relevant. It's common developer's use OpenWrt to build their software - perhaps that's the reason for your comment.

Anyways, you mentioned nothing that sounds remotely similar to an official and supported OpenWrt version.

Official documentation leads here:

(I would assume) it's Linux based, why not post the question(s) at some random Linux forum, equally relevant ...


ok, you may be right. I will. thank you.

@frollic - I think you're point was entirely missed. :man_facepalming: