Open WRT available Buffalo WSR-3200AX4S

Hi All,
After few months I found a way to install Open WRT software on Buffalo Router WSR-3200AX4S at the below link:

Unfortunately all instructions are in Japanese (can overcome with Translate) but they are working 100% for WSR-3200AX4S, installed and so far no issues found. Thanks to developer @ssyysy2021 from above link.
The solution is suitable also for

  • Buffalo [WSR-2533DHP3]
  • ELECOM [WRC-G01]
    Hope it will help some other people.

I think the work is using the repo here:

Always good to see new devices gaining some support.

Please keep in mind that this work is currently not integrated into the official OpenWrt project. Therefore, support requests are best directed to the team developing these specific builds. Depending on the details, maybe this will someday be supported by the official versions of OpenWrt.

I just found that OpenWrt snapshot already has this router included which is nice.