Open port not working

I compile myself from OpenWRT sources. The last image in which port opening works is (OpenWRT ( OpenWrt SNAPSHOT ) / LuCI Master (git-19.243.51105-2fab0ad) ). After the source update, the ports no longer open. I have a running web server and after updating it does not work, the same to the mail server. Everything works from the local network. Even in the new image. My router is linksys WRT32X.
After the update, I restored the factory settings. But this brought no change. The ports still won't open.

Post your configuration files here, and explain what tests are you performing and what results are you obtaining.

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Welcome back.
By accident I found a solution to the problem. The firewall works ok. The problem turned out that one patch changed one digit in the MAC address to WAN. And the "router" provider kicked out my WRT from DMZ.
Thank you for your interest and help.

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