Ookla Speedtest CLI

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Now that Ookla has released an official SPEEDTEST® CLI client, is it possible to get this installed and running on openwrt? What is involved in this?


As far as I can see, they only provide a compiled binary, so it can only be used on the platforms they have decided to support.


Ah thanks for your response. So I should contact Ookla themselves and ask if they can support it on openwrt?

It is not ideal to run the speed test on the device you are trying to measure.

I would suggest running the speedtest from a PC or laptop connected to your router instead of directly on the router itself.


A bit off topic, but speaking of Speed test, when you select a server, it can be a good idea to select a server that's no your ISP's.

In my case, for example, if I select a server that belongs to my ISP I often get a result that more or less represents my line attainable rate. If on the other hand I choose a different server, also in the same area, I get a result that's closer to my contracted speed.


You can contact them and ask, nothing to lose...
I think there was some other alternative already supported, but I cannot remember the name.

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  • Speedtest.net has migrated to using pure socket tests instead of HTTP based tests
  • This application is written in Python
  • Different versions of Python will execute certain parts of the code faster than others
  • CPU and Memory capacity and speed will play a large part in inconsistency between Speedtest.net and even other machines on the same network

opkg install python-pip
pip install speedtest-cli

Its a pretty big install though. Also, im getting higher pings and lower speeds on the router itself rather than my pc through ethernet.

I just reinstalled speedtest-cli on my router. It was about 10.5 MB. Make sure you have enough space before installing. You could probably delete most of the pip dependencies after installing speedtest. Ill try out which packages when I have some time. Now my speeds match my desktop but ping is definitely higher on the router, 4-5 ms on PC and 11-12 ms on OpenWRT.