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I've an old GPON ONT Router from Huawei, the HG850. It was provided by an ISP that no longer exists, and I would like to use it in another ISP (because it provides more ethernet ports and voip). I'm aware the process can be hard, however I've a friend on the other ISP that can me help me with the configuration down the line.

Here is the problem: none of us is able to use the telnet login of the HG850 to reconfigure it. We believe the old ISP changed the default login data:

(The preset user name of the terminal is root and the password is admin.)

Here is a link to the manual: https://cdn.iklive.eu/tcb13/2018/378621157-31401177-EchoLife-HG850-GPON-Terminal-Service-Manual-V100R001-02.pdf

Since there are a lot of hardware experts in this forum I would be really grateful if someone can provide us with a way to reset the device to default settings or hack the login somehow. My first thought was to check for a reset button or a JTAG / serial interface, however there isn't anything visible / properly marked on the device. Here are some pictures of the board (can take more):

On the last picture J2 looks like part of a JTAG / UART port. Does someone have some knowledge about this ONT? Is there a way I can reset it to default settings?

Many thanks in advance!

Linked from the somewhat dubious post at https://www.techadvisor.co.uk/forum/helproom-1/how-can-i-performe-factory-reset-huawei-hg850a-4569334/



GPON terminal EchoLife HG8010/HG8240B/HG8245T/HG8247T (hereafter referred to as the
HG8010/HG8240B/HG8245T/HG8247T) is an indoor optical network terminal (ONT)
designed for home users and small office and home office (SOHO) users. This document
provides the appearance and specifications of the HG8010/HG8240B/HG8245T/HG8247T, and
describes its configuration and usage, which helps you know the HG8010/HG8240B/HG8245T/
HG8247T quickly.

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How is this related to OpenWrt?

@jeff many thanks for your answer. The link you provided if for the "a" version. Mine is the older basic one. It doesn't have a physical reset button and according to the service manual I posted above the only way to reset it is via telnet. Without login I can't issue the commands :frowning:

@tmomas directly it doesn't. However, there are a lot of pages on hardware at the website that doesn't directly and totally relate to OpenWRT (more general info) and there are also a lot of hardware experts here that may help.

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You might find even more hardware experts elsewhere on the net, on websites / forums that are not specialized in OpenWrt. Just a proposal to broaden your audience, in order to get more / better / quicker results.

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Hi. You'll probably find interesting the github article I wrote about HG8012h ONT:


Very nice!