Only getting 300Mb/s download on D-LINK DIR-842 C3

I'm having trouble with my internet speed after flashing OpenWRT on my router. Before i could pull 1000mb/s download speed in various speedtests, now i can only pull 250-300mb/s max 350mb/s. I'm not using QoS.

Does anyone know how to fix this?

Your device is also using the single-core mips 74Kc QCA9563 SOC, so the same answer applies:

In other words, this is about the maximum you can get out of this hardware running OpenWrt.

Would a Linksys WRT3200ACM be capable of throughputting 1000mb/s?

To my knowledge (I don't own any mvebu devices), yes - but its wireless drivers/ firmware/ hardware (mwlwifi) is 'not good and end of life/ maintenance', to phrase it …politely.

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