Only 1.5MiB for flash memory instead of 16MB

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I have an Unifi AC Mesh, when I change device to Openwrt I have only 1.5MiB of memory flash on the partition overlay, so I can´t install new packages. This device has 16 MB of memory flash.

First I changed the firmware of the equipment to version 3.7.58 and then I used mtd to flash openwrt like

Also if I build an image from build system I have the following Warning: Image file is too big: 9633796 > 7929856

Can I recover the memory with OpenWRT? or Why is this happening?

The stock partitioning is dual boot, and OpenWrt continues that basically setting aside half of the flash. It ends up working like an 8 MB flash device.


Hi @mk24, is there a way to recover or work with all flash memory?

How are your custom image creation skills ?

create custom firmware for your router and include only necessary packages
(openwrt is free and opensource so you can build your own custom image, you can also find all guides in google)
but as far as i know even 32mb devices soon would face end of the life

Dunno about soon, it's all about flash layout.

Dual FW devices automatically get their space reduced by more than half.

8mb flash devices (will also include 16mb dual FW units, I assume) will be EOLed after next stable.

Glad I found this. I have the same issue with an AP AC Lite, but had no idea about the dual FW situation. Am I missing something in the device data page for future reference?

There's s remark about flash space on top of the ToH, but that's pretty much it.

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@lmva - did you figure out a way to install new packages? or did you figure out a way to merge the flash partitions?